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Outreach Events

Unified Robotics

Beginning in 2022, The Crestwood Unified Program began participating in the Unified Robotics Event hosted by The Northville High School Robostangs. It has been a rewarding experience for our athletes and peers alike.

Haunted Trailer

Trunk-or-Treat events are an annual tradition for elementary schools within our community, so we have begun decorating our trailer like a haunted house and taking it to these events. 

FLL/FTC Mentoring 

Team 7174 mentors our districts FLL (FIRST Lego League) and FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) teams. We help the students build their robot and help them create functional programs fit for their given challenges/games.

Robo Ravens Mentoring

In 2019, Charger Robotics created a sister team called the Robo Ravens, team 8427. Team 8427 is a hybrid FRC and FTC team and its team members are 7th and 8th graders. We share a workspace with 8427 and work with them directly to mentor them and help them build their competition bot in order to establish confidence in the students so they are better prepared to join Charger Robotics.

Blanket Making

Every year we make handmade blankets to donate to local children's hospitals as well as other organizations that may need them, such as women's shelters.

All Girls Competition

This year Charger Robotics attended the Goonette's invitational, an all girls competition hosted by the Goon Squad (FRC 3604). We chose to attend this off-season event in order to show support for women in STEM and actively demonstrate that women can be successful in areas related to STEM.

Park Clean-ups

Following Homecoming football games and other school related events, local parks would often be filled with trash and other litter. As a result, our team began organizing park cleanups to help protect local wildlife from the harmful affects of litter and to preserve an image of cleanliness throughout our community.

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